fundamental frequency

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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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To investigate the effect of Pasternak modulus parameter on the vibrational behavior of nanobeams, the variation of non-dimensional natural frequency of nanobeam with the value of Pasternak modulus parameter is depicted in Fig.
Taylor and other Philip Stein fans swear by Natural Frequency Technology.
This leads to decrease in the stiffness of the assembly and pushed the natural frequency further down.
As damping changes, the natural frequency changes very little, but the gain's magnitude changes significantly.
The natural frequency is extracted by the help of the phase angle diagram.
No evidence of any correlated signals between detectors was ever seen at any frequency other than the natural frequency of the detector circuits (superimposed on noise and/or reflections in the cables).
The natural frequency of the bridge model is identified by the peak picking method from the power spectral densities of different vibration responses.
The maximum relative error between the predicted natural frequency and the experimental natural frequency is 9.
The displacement can be described as a sine or cosine function, with given amplitude and frequency, assuming a harmonic force, and a Fourier series analysis was conducted to describe the oscillations and obtain a natural frequency for each resin tested in this study.
Both can deliver a vertical natural frequency of 1/2 Hz or less, which can be achieved over the entire load range.
Table 2 Showing comparison of natural frequency (Hz) for an isotropic cylindrical shell with simply supported-simply supported end condition with shell parameters
Conveyor is a full stainless steel wash-down construction and operates at natural frequency, greatly reducing power consumption.
Except natural frequency was done the use of information in the form to detect damage structural.
Accelerometers and inclinometers were installed with the correction of the GPS function around the substructure and superstructure of the bridge, which is called Chung Sha Bridge over Zhuo-shui River in Taiwan, and figured out the bridge scour monitoring technologies associated with natural frequency.