sodium chloride

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a white crystalline solid consisting mainly of sodium chloride (NaCl)

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Two main remedies emerged that appeared to cover the majority of symptoms encountered during the initial infection: Natrum Muriaticum and China Officianalis.
Homeopathics I've found to be helpful for cold sores include: Natrum muriaticum 12c (or 30c) for sores on or around the lips.
Other homeopathic remedies for headaches include Bryony for a 'splitting' headache, and Natrum muriaticum for pain all over the head like 'a thousand little hammers'.
If Mom has excess water, try homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum because excess water may cause baby to float to a breech position.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Mercurius corrosivus,Mercurius solubulis, Mezerum, Millefolium,Muriatic acid, Murex purpura, Naja tripudians, Natrum carbonicum, Natrum muriaticum, Natrum phosphoricum, Natrum sulphuricum, Nitric acid Nux moschata Nux vomica, Ocimum canum, Ocimum Sanctum, Oleander, Opium, Passiflora incarnata, Petroleum, ,
When the woman's chronic allergies bothered her more than her shingles-related eye pain, Oskin switched the remedy to Natrum muriaticum 200C once a day.
Natrum Muriaticum - Profuse nasal discharge (like the white of an egg) with watery eyes and sneezing.
Natrum muriaticum is for hair loss in people who crave salt.