Natrix natrix

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harmless European snake with a bright yellow collar

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On the defensive behavior of the Grass Snake Natrix natrix (Linnaeus, 1758)'.
The archaeological presence of the Grass snake Natrix natrix (L.
THE FUTURE survival of Cyprus' endangered native grass snake, natrix natrix cypriaca, came a step closer to being ensured yesterday after agriculture minister Demetris Eliades pledged his support for the snake's conservation.
Growth rates, maturation and sexual size dimorphism in a population of grass snakes, Natrix natrix, in southern Sweden.
In a statement, Green Party MP George Perdikis slammed the government's decision to disobey the EU directive by allowing one businessman to develop land around Paralimni Lake, which is home to an indigenous and endangered Cyprus grass snake ( natrix natrix cypriaca)
The down-trodden native is Natrix Natrix cypriaca, or Cyprus water snake, a critically endangered species of snake that breeds on the banks of the reservoir.
That includes frogs, a staple in the diet of the demure snake, Natrix natrix cypriaca, which breeds on the banks of the Xyliatos Reservoir, which has been closed for fishing for around six years.
The case concerns a local species of snake, Natrix Natrix Cypriaca, which is an endemic priority species and which needs strict protection.