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2 species each were reported from families Turbinidae, Cerithidae, Potamididae, Naticidae, Conidae and Volemidae whereas 1 species each is contributed by remaining 13 families (Table 2, Fig.
Carnivorous gastropods within the Muricidae (rock shells) and Naticidae (moon snails) access their prey by drilling through the shell of the victim with a boring accessory combined with acid, thus leaving a perfectly round hole often confused with human modification by drilling.
Boring snails, including those in the families Muricidae, Naticidae, and likely Ranellidae, are major predators on skate eggs and predation rates in nursery grounds can reach 40% or more (Lucifora and Garcla, 2004; Hoff, 2007).
Moreover, to identify the species of predators, we conducted laboratory experiments using all the potential predatory gastropods, which consist of 3 species in Muricidae and 1 species in Naticidae.
Taxonomic notes on South African marine Mollusca (3): Gastropoda: Prosobranchia, with descriptions of new taxa of Naticidae, Fasciolariidae, Magilidae, Volutomitridae and Turridae.