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Nasua nelsoni lives only on Mexico's Cozumel Island in the Caribbean Sea (IUCN 2002).
Systematics of the coatis, Genus Nasua (Mammalia: Procyonidae): Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 104(2): 370-386.
T ND I L Tayassu tajacu T D I M Potos flavus A N I M Nasua nasua & Eira barbara AT D I L Didelphis marsupialis AT N S M Didelphis albiventris AT N S M Caluromys philander AT N S H Metachirus nudicaudatus T N S M Caluromys philander AT N S H Alouatta seniculus A D L M Saimiri sciureus A D I M Pithecia pithecia A D I L Saguinus midas A D I M (a) Vertical use of space: A, arboreal, T, terrestrial, AT, both arboreal and terrestrial.
By bringing together the knowledge and expertise of the public health system and the expertise of the aging network in outreach and community program development, older persons today and in the future will be more effectively served," said Theresa Lambert, Deputy Director of NASUA.
NASUA is the articulating force at the national level through which the state agencies on aging join together to promote social policy in the public and private sectors responsive to the challenges and opportunities of an aging America.