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Sprinkle with remaining marigold petals, along with nasturtium petals and pea shoots.
The joy of hitting the natural balance is that although you may see a couple of blackfly or greenfly colonies on your nasturtiums, you can also watch hoverfly larvae devour the greenfly on your roses, or delight in your kids counting the spots on the ladybirds and see the light catching the delicate green wings of the lacewings.
NASTURTIUM 'Chameleon' AUTUMN seed catalogues are arriving weekly and are full of tempting delights.
QI ORDERED some 'Empress of India' nasturtiums as I love their dark foliage and dark red flowers.
The Empress' new clothes 6 I ordered some 'Empress of India' nasturtiums as I love their dark foliage and dark red flowers.
They are looking very healthy plants so in a couple of months the chimps should get plenty of snacks from the beans and nasturtiums as the leaves, seed pods and flowers are all edible.
NASTURTIUMS are edible flowers like marigolds - they look colourful and taste good too
Nasturtiums in a wide range of colors bloom from midsummer until frost.
They are easily grown from seed, especially nasturtiums.
In fact, flower cookery was especially popular in Victorian times, when flowers such as violets, primroses, and nasturtiums were common in salads, pickled for winter storage, and candied for special occasion garnishes.
Nasturtiums have a peppery flavour and both leaves and flowers can be edible.
We call them nasturtiums and enjoy growing, using, and eating this amazing plant.
i am indebted to the sparrow, nasturtiums, nettles& pollen-grain, i
Nasturtiums top the list with their warm colors and spicy taste.