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a village in western Northamptonshire

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a battle in 1645 that settled the outcome of the first English Civil War as the Parliamentarians won a major victory over the Royalists

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It was presented to him by Parliament after the victory over the Royalists at Naseby, and was later acquired by the Astley family.
White + 1 yellow: Taylor Naseby, Jason Smith and Owen Moody.
I'm equally grateful to those who fought and died for my political enfranchisement at Naseby and Peterloo and Ohio State, to the Chartists and the Suffragettes.
I WORE out three pencils during the Augusta Masters trying to crack the maths on whether place-only golf betting is an exchange layer's paradise, but all I've got to show is a figure that looks suspiciously like the date of the Battle of Naseby and a pain in my left eyeball.
Martin Marix Evans' NASEBY 1645: THE TRIUMPH OF THE NEW MODEL ARMY (9781846030789, $18.
Hon the Lord Naseby be elected a Director of the Company;
Chiefly, all three took part in the final major battle of the war, at Naseby in June 1645, when Sir Thomas Dallison, commander of Hart, Burt, and Shatterell's troop and commanding officer of the entire regiment, was mortally wounded, and Charles Hart became troop commander in his place, assuming the rank of Captain, with which he retired when the regiment was disbanded at Oxford the following year, in late April 1646.
For example, from reading the entry for the battle of Naseby you will be led to Oliver Cromwell - one of the participants.
Donna Naseby, 29, of Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, is seeking pounds 7,000 after a 15-week delay to her children's day nursery.
But his plans are scuppered when Fred is more interested in selling his King Charles Pies and Naseby Chicken Nuggets to the spectators.
To register as a participant, an artist has simply to make or find an "arrow" and be photographed (with it) in front of the statue of winged Eros in Piccadilly Circus, the "hub of the universe" (or, if you live far away, have your image made by proxy); fabricate three postcards bearing that photo (don't forget to include your name and address); then send it to "founder and president" Medalla at London Biennale 2000, 11 Naseby, Hanworth, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7HD, England.
I am excited about the investment in our company by Thought Equity Motion, the world's largest provider of online motion content," said Nigel Naseby, general manager of FilmWorld.
Naveed Zafar, 35, of Naseby Road, Alum Rock, was charged following the disorder on Saturday.
1989: The second Battle of Naseby was lost when judges refused to halt the M1-A1 link across a field where Cromwell was defeated by Royalists in 1645.
In the ewe lamb section, Mr Eaton & Sons, of Sulby Lodge, Naseby, paid the top price of PS125 for a pen sold by J Thomas & Son, Tanhouse, Dolau.