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supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc

(medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution

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Nasal irrigation can be accomplished through a variety of methods--everything from sniffing salt water from the cupped hand to the use of infant suction bulbs.
At the meeting, participants in Groups 1 and 2 received their initial supply of nasal irrigation solution and detailed written and pictorial instructions from the supplier for its use.
It is called "pulsatile" nasal irrigation and is now used by thousands of doctors and patients around the world.
Of the subjects, 52 were randomized to the nasal irrigation therapy group and 24 were randomized to the control group.
Baby shampoo nasal irrigations for the symptomatic post-functional endoscopic sinus surgery patient.
While frequent irrigation may reduce the immune defense provided by 'good' mucus, nasal irrigation also promotes clearance of airborne irritants--a definite plus during pollen season.
Nasal irrigation has also been found to alleviate sinonasal symptoms (Otolaryngol.
Nasal irrigation with saline solution is one method; vaccinations against pneumonia and influenza may also be effective, since they prevent upper respiratory infection.
A study by Rabago et al, "Qualitative aspects of nasal irrigation use by patients with chronic sinus disease in a multimethod study" (Ann Fam Med 2006;4(4):295-301), concluded that nasal irrigation with saline solution is a "safe, well-tolerated, inexpensive, effective, long-term therapy that patients with chronic sinonasal symptoms can and will use at home with minimal training and follow-up.
This latest twist in the medical spa saga has the Bureau of Indications scratching its collective head, and we're definitely going to give it some more thought after we get back from our monthly nasal irrigation and Brazilian mustache wax.
The new family of products is designed for an all-natural approach to nasal irrigation.
Sinus Dynamics introduces topical medicated nasal irrigation treatment for patients who suffer from upper respiratory inflammation and infection.
In the first phase of the study, patients were randomized to receive treatment with nasal irrigation using Respironics' RinoFlow Nasal Wash and Sinus System device once daily or an antibiotic, either 1,000 mg amoxicillin twice daily or 160 mg/180 mg trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole once daily, for 2-3 weeks.
The study is the first to follow participants using nasal wash treatment, or hypertonic saline nasal irrigation (HNSI), over a long period of time.
This new kit helps users tackle their symptoms head on: by flushing them away through the time-honored practice of nasal irrigation which expels mucus and moisturizes irritated nasal passages.