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a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals

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One of the lucky boaters who will be at Salthouse Dock for the event is Bob Weatherly, who is bringing his narrowboat, Ambrose, from his home near Manchester.
Bath-based narrowboat Topsy, which sleeps four people, has been newly refurbished and comes with a full-sized bathroom and kitchen and even a solid fuel stove for chilly nights.
e two-day event has been organised by the Canal and River Trust and the Historic Narrow Boat Club and will see visitors on Saturday and Sunday given the chance to get up close and personal with the narrowboat Swift.
Mat Luke Our journey took us through some beautiful scenery, past some delightful pubs and introduced us to a wide range of narrowboat enthusiasts.
Four miles an hour might not sound like the sort of speed to set the pulse racing, but when you are about to squeeze a 57ft narrowboat through a 7ft gap, it feels quite fast enough.
But I had my doubts about a pair of leggy and bouncy whippets in the confines of a narrowboat - even after my sister pointed out that the patrons of the whippet rescue charity she is involved with were a couple who had crossed the Channel and cruised through France on a narrowboat& with a whippet.
Canals were originally designed for narrowboats to be pulled at a horse's pace.
Facilities on board these narrowboats include full central heating with radiators, TV/DVD, well-equipped kitchen and carpeting throughout.
The bright and colourful designs are traditionally used - and readily recognised - on narrowboats, watering cans and chairs.
Fleets of modern cruisers and narrowboats are readily available at prices to suit all pockets.
Following several months of negotiating jointly with Coventry City Council and Canal & River Trust for the use of the site, the firm has moved its fleet of eight luxury narrowboats to the city.
The company built and operated 31 steam narrowboats between 1889 and 1931.
Following them will be one of the narrowboats belonging to the Canal Boat Trust, a voluntary organisation based in the town.
THE first flotilla of narrowboats passed in front of the world-famous Three Graces as Liverpool's new canal link opened for business.
The success of this year's show was made all the more remarkable following the breach at Stourbridge canal the previous weekend, which prevented many narrowboats from making the trip.