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either of two phenols derived from naphthalene

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Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black, perylene), Blues (phthalo, ultramarine, milori), Greens (phthalo, chromium oxide, CCIP), Iron Oxide Pigments (synthetic yellow, red and black), Metallic (aluminum), Reds (toluidine, napthol, metal salt, DPP, quinacridone, perylene), Yellow and Oranges (benzimidazolone, isoindoline, azo, diarylide, hansa), Whites (Ti[O.
As one leaves behind the formulation plant, the napthol plant is clearly visible.
Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black), Blues (phthalocyanine), Greens (pbthalocyanine), Reds (bon reds/maroon, lithol rubine, napthol red, perylene maroon, quinacridane red, quinacridane violet, red lake c, toluidine red), Yellow and oranges
Organic pigments phthalocyanine blue and green, red 2B, napthol red, diarylide yellow and carbazole violet.
Types of pigments: Blues (Phthalso, Indanthrone), Greens (Phthalo), Reds (Quinacridone, Napthol, DDF, Azo condensation, etc.
Lansco 2483 DiarylideYellow 83 is a transparentYellow 83 primarily for solvent ink applications, while Lansco PR-299 Napthol Red 2 is a transparent yellow shade napthol red specifically designed for packaging ink applications.
Tenders are invited for Cloth Cotton Pugree Napthol Red Mull 81 Cms Wide Mill Made In 21 Meters And Above And Below 50 Meters Multiples Of 4-5 Meters To Is Specn, 7119/1973 Reaffirmed With Relexation Of Parameters Inchescolour Fastness To Washing 3 Or Better, Inches Colour Fastness To Rubbing Both Dry And Wet 3 Or Better Inches And Fabric Of Variety No.
Types of pigments: Blues (Phthalos); Greens (Phthalos); Reds (DPP, Napthol, Quinocradone, Lithol Rubine); Yellows 8c Oranges (Diarylide, Benzimidazolone)
China has decided that its raw materials, used in the production of reds (Bon Acid, Beta Napthol, etc) and yellows (AAA, OT, etc.
Pigments Offered: Blues (phthalo, milori, indanthrone); Reds (quinacridones, napthol, meta salt azo); Specialty Pigments (benzimidazolone, azo condensation, many others); Yellow and Oranges (diarylides, hansas, specialties)
Comments: 2188 Napthol Red 188 is a bright, yellow shade pigment with good bleed and lightfastness properties.