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Country: , Germany, UKSector: IT/Online Services, MediaTarget: Napster InternationalBuyer: Rhapsody Vendor: Napster IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
The Napster Mobile service was co-developed by Ericsson and Napster, the company added.
The new Napster service can transmit music onto computers that run on the Windows 2000 or XP platform, the company said.
When asked how Mac users might take advantage of the service, which is not compatible with the popular brand of computers and iPod music players, Paul Greenberg, co-COO of Napster Japan said, "Well, they could switch.
The agreement between BellSouth and Napster provides FastAccess DSL customers the ability to experience unlimited access to more than 1.
Napster Inc (UK) said the decision to drop prices followed a successful Christmas period.
Leanne Sharman, Napster vice president, said: "With Napster clearly on its way to success, we wanted to further fuel our growth with more attractive pricing and create even broader appeal.
NAPSTER is to be mopped up by music giant Bertelsmann for around pounds 5.
Napster gave me a quick and easy way to remember what I was missing, and I started downloading songs, both old and new.
Last July, they sued and virtually shut down the Internet's most popular music-swapping service, Napster, and went after other sites that distribute copyrighted music without paying for it.
Nicholas Thompson's summary of the Napster controversy ("Gofer Broke" November 2001) is ludicrous.
Net-distributed music used to be free and some still is, but recent successful lawsuits against companies like the famous (or infamous, depending on your commercial affiliation) Napster have plugged the download pipe.
Jupiter Media Metrix (Nasdaq: JMXI), a leader in Internet and new technology analysis and measurement, reports that total time spent using the Napster file-sharing application plummeted 65 percent among home users in 14 leading wired countries, from 6.
Concerned that they will be sucked into the legal onslaught of the music industry against the controversial Napster web site, at least a third of US universities have blocked access to the site.