Napoleonic Wars

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a series of wars fought between France (led by Napoleon Bonaparte) and alliances involving England and Prussia and Russia and Austria at different times

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5) Yet later, Napoleonic campaigns came, and Europe was constantly forced back to the drawing board.
Back from Egypt' (18-27 September) explores the influence of this ancient civilisation on the decorative arts in France, as a taste for the exotic swept the country following the Napoleonic campaigns in the early 19th century.
They will drive to the Iberian Peninsula and, with bicycles, golf clubs and guides to vineyards, they will travel north and through time, following Wellington's battles in the Napoleonic campaigns and on to World War I and II battlefields.
Thousands and thousands of them, and they are being ridden back into battle in the pages of Digby Smith's excellent book on cavalry actions during the Napoleonic campaigns.
The history of the units that would make up the Light Infantry and the regiment itself involves virtually all the wars fought or military actions undertaken by Britain between 1702 and 1959: Spanish Succession, War of the Austrian Succession, the West Indies, Ireland, the Napoleonic campaigns, the Crimean War, India (including the Mutiny), Sudan, the Boer War, the Great War, the Second World War, fighting Jewish terrorists in Palestine, and Cyprus.