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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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Helene had been at Erfurt during the famous meeting of the Emperors and had brought from there these connections with the Napoleonic notabilities.
If ever I permit you to chronicle any more of my little problems, Watson, I foresee that you will enliven your pages by an account of the singular adventure of the Napoleonic busts.
But his fascination was more than national; all over the world his ruthless strength dominated minds as the Napoleonic legend had dominated minds.
Empire of Chance: The Napoleonic Wars and the Disorder of Things.
Councillor Dixon said: "I'd like to thank Andy Scargill who suggested this tribute to the building that first served Cestrians during the Napoleonic wars.
War, the Hero and the Will: Hardy, Tolstoy and the Napoleonic Wars (reprint, 2015)
Napoleonic Warfare: The Operational Art of the Great Campaigns, by John T.
Liverpool Olympia, tomorrow, 7pm event Napoleonic Collection Join Curator of Costume and Textiles, Pauline Rushton, for a closer look at the Galleries collection of Napoleonic furniture and objects.
MENTION prisoner of war work in collecting circles and minds focus on the sets of dominoes, chess sets, cribbage boards and other paraphernalia all expertly crafted from discarded mutton bones by bored soldiers and sailors captured and incarcerated during the Napoleonic Wars.
Dr Wilcock heads the University's Arms and Armour Research Institute and is noted for his historic weapons knowledge, including the swords and firearms of the Napoleonic Wars that came to a climax when Britain and her allies - commanded by the Duke of Wellington - were victorious at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815.
The two French Napoleonic imperial eagles captured at Waterloo in 1815 are being displayed together for the first time in almost 60 years at the National Museum of Scotland.
Borie is now planning his menu for the Gregynog Festival, which takes place between June 12 and 28, and focuses on Welsh connections between the Napoleonic Wars and the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and has an emphasis on French music and musicians.
Operations in the Baltic region have traditionally been ignored by historians despite its substantial contribution to naval supremacy during the Napoleonic Wars.
Irish Brigades Abroad: From the Wild Geese to the Napoleonic Wars
1799: Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger introduced income tax at two shillings in the pound to raise funds for the Napoleonic Wars.