Napoleon I

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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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This invocation of cultural and spiritual determinism contradicts Johnson's own claim that Napoleon is the grand refutation of determinist theories of history, as well as his argument that Napoleon's downfall traces to Britain's perseverance in hostility.
Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, born in Paris in 1808, was both the nephew of Napoleon I and the grandson of the Empress Josephine.
On a cold December 2, 1804 at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Napoleon I was crowned Emperor of France.
All this is recounted with brilliant narrative and anecdotal fireworks, including great set pieces like the funeral of Napoleon I in 1840.
Moreover, there was a monarchical alternative to Napoleon I.
The south wing was rebuilt by Louis XV in 1738 and the west wing was destroyed by Napoleon I to give way to a gate which replaced the Gilded Gate as the main entrance to the palace.
4pm: Napoleon is stretched - his men are fighting on two sides of the battlefield.
This almost comic image of Napoleon is part of the caricature that Tolstoy made of him in War and Peace.
The continuing fascination with Napoleon is something worth pondering, but there is no reason we cannot do that--indeed, we can probably do it more successfully-if, with Jefferson (who, remember, loved France), we maintain the ability to see the monstrosity of the man and his politics.