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a member of the Algonquian people formerly of Maryland and eastern Delaware

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the Algonquian language spoken by the Nanticoke and Conoy

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After moving out of New York State in 1984, I returned to the Nanticoke Valley every summer until 1992, visiting old friends, doing more documentary research, and seeking out new women to interview.
One can only imagine the forestry and transportation confusion that will be the result of the Nanticoke decision, but one fact is certain: 12 million tons of steam coal will no longer be shipped from coal mines in western Canada, western U.
Community evacuation following the Spencer metal processing plant fire, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.
The practice of feeding trees into a 4000-megawatt coal plant such as Nanticoke is highly questionable from an ecological standpoint.
The Lakeside alternative being proposed to the court would repatriate a former Canadian icon and resume operations immediately at the Hamilton and Nanticoke facilities.
One example is the small town of Vienna, which sits on the Nanticoke River on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
Lawrence Seaway to enable a group of environmental commandoes to storm a collier bringing coal to the massive generating station at Nanticoke, Ont.
In addition the service is also available in parts of Hurlock, Jarrettsville, LaPlata, Leonardtown, Manor, Marion, Mechanicsville, Montego Bay, Mount Savage, Muirkirk, Nanticoke, New Windsor, Oxford, Parkway, Preston, Prince Frederick, Sharptown, Silver Run, Snowden River, Solomons, Thayerville, Trappe, Tuckahoe, Union Bridge, Valley Lee, Walkersville, Westminster, and Willards.
This approach is called "combined heat and power" and it is often 80-90% efficient compared with the 34% efficiency of the province's coal fired plant at Nanticoke.
Fish were collected by beach seine, cast net, or bank trap from the Choptank, Chicamacomico, Nanticoke, and Pocomoke Rivers of the Chesapeake Bay.
There was a local Indian group--the Nanticoke Indian Tribe, recognized by the state of Delaware since the 1880s, but I ignored them and convinced myself that they were not "real" Indians.
The province's Nanticoke coal-fired generating station on the shore of Lake Erie was responsible for eight percent of Canada's total emissions, although it has installed pollution controls since the study was done.
A scenic village on the western bank of the Nanticoke River in southeastern Dorchester County, Vienna was originally known as "the town on the Nanticoke River" until 1706.
In terms of cutting carbon emissions, shutting down just the huge Nanticoke power station on the shore of Lake Erie would be the equivalent to taking four million cars off Canadian roads.
One, the Nanticoke Industrial Complex, involved a new iron and steel facility, a coal-burning power plant, and a petroleum refinery, as well as anticipated related industrial developments in a rural farming--or "green-field"--area in Southern Ontario (Nelson et al, 1980).