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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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The friction coefficient distributions for different nanofluid concentrations is shown in figure (5).
The initial study on the peristaltic flow of a nanofluid in a diverging tube is highlighted by Akbar et al.
He investigates theoretically the thermal instability in a horizontal layer of Maxwellian visco-elastic nanofluid on the basis of Buongiorno's model for more realistic boundary conditions.
Ahmed, "On heat and mass transfer analysis for the flow of a nanofluid between rotating parallel plates," Aerospace Science and Technology, vol.
Nanofluids is a new term of heat fluids consist of nanometer-sized particle dispersed in base fluid.
For that, nanosized particles dispersed in a base fluid, known as nanofluid, have been used and researched extensively to enhance the heat transfer.
All three performed better than water as coolants with the nanofluid mixture of copper oxide and water topping them all," Saidur said.
Experimental Characterization of Concentration of Nanofluid by Ultrasonic Technique.
Results of the research indicated that the used nanofluid can increase heat transfer up to 50%.
Basiriparsa, "Lie group solution for free convective flow of a nanofluid past a chemically reacting horizontal plate in a porous media," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
Carpignano, "Integrated optofluidic microsystem based on vertical high-order one-dimensional silicon photonic crystals," Microfluid Nanofluid, Vol.
We have compared Raman spectra of R6G on substrate and nanofluid of silver absorbed by R6G molecule.
It is the first time such a large scale collaborative nanofluid project has been undertaken in the world.