sodium nitrite

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nitrite used to preserve and color food especially in meat and fish products

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Para la elaboracion de las salchichas se utilizo carne de pollo, CDM de codorniz, agua, sal comun, concentrado de soya (Glycine max), almidon de papa (Solanum tuberosum), aceite de maiz (Zea mays), condimentos, Sal de cura (10% de NaNO2 y 90% de NaCl), fosfatos y eritorbato de sodio.
Littelfuse launched its Nano2 456 Series of fast-acting ROHS and UL-compliant 20A and 30A subminiature surface-mount ceramic fuses.
The 461 Series Nano2 surface-mount fuse is made for telecommunications applications.
The Pu was reduced to the 4+ oxidation state using NaNO2, and the Pu was extracted onto BioRad AG 1X8, chloride form, anion exchange resin.
The Nano2 485 Series Fuse packs a high voltage and energy protection capability in a very small footprint.
Technical specifications: - collector: HelioTrough, - medium: ternary and binary salt melts NaNO3, KNO3, NaNO2, Ca (NO3) 2 in different mixing ratios , - Design temperature: min 550 C, - design printing: 20 barg, - leakage-free system, - Number of REPAs: 8 plus 1 replacement.
25 mL of plant sample/quercetin standard solution was mixed with 1250 uL of distilled water in a test tube and then 75 uL of NaNO2 solution was added.