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a city in eastern China on the Yangtze River

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In addition, a music service station has been established alongside the race track to refuel runners with exciting music, coupled with a sports supermarket which will provide local Gaochun and Nanjing specialties for participants from outside the city who won't have the time to have a tour of the city," added the spokesperson.
AltaCorp Capital Inc and China's Nanjing Securities Co.
Clear Media has been an operator of bus shelter advertising panels in Nanjing since 1999.
Now it has been on trial in the Nanjing Public Security Bureau.
a declaration that Nanjing South China Skytech is the legal owner of all intellectual property rights in software products that Janful considers have been unlawfully registered under Nanjing Skytech and/or its associated company (the "Software Products") in breach of the joint-venture agreement dated 31 January 2000 between Janful and Nanjing Skytech;
Initially the Oxea Nanjing plant will produce specialty esters, phthalate-free plasticizers, and other oxo derivatives for the local market.
The ceremony, held at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in the former Chinese capital, is the first since the biggest flare-up of anti-Japan sentiment since at least 2005 over Tokyo's decision to buy the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands.
Jingao is leading an exciting revitalisation project in Nanjing and we are honored to create with them a new, vibrant destination in the community.
As the author Fei points out in her ground-breaking study of late Ming Nanjing, historians of urban China have for too long taken Imperial China's Confucian prejudices against cities at face value.
The group's financial members include Nanjing Zijin Financial Holding Co.
Bale, currently co-starring in the boxing drama "The Fighter," will portray an American priest in the movie, which is expected to start filming in Nanjing on Jan.
According to Nanjing Port, the company managed to improve its business structure in the first half.
Summary: Nanjing, July 28, 2010, SPA -- A powerful explosion at a factory in eastern China&'s Jiangsu Province Wednesday left at least five people dead and 28 seriously injured, the local government said.
Taiwanese carrier China Airlines and its subsidiary Mandarin Airlines have announced plans to inaugurate direct weekend cross-strait charter flights to Nanjing, China.