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an androgen (trade names Durabolin or Kabolin) that is used to treat testosterone deficiency or breast cancer or osteoporosis

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October 2006 - Tests positive for banned steroid nandralone, but two-year ban is lifted on appeal.
Linford Christie was supposedly shown to be a couple of hundred times over the legal limit of nandralone and that's just ridiculous.
Leading sports doctor and former athlete Dr Gerry McCann, of the Western Infirmary in Glasgow, said one German test fed athletes beef which had been raised with nandralone supplements.
I have just received the news from Lausanne, Switzerland from the International Olympic Committee ordering the German Olympic champion Alexander Leipold to return the Gold Medal after he tested positive for using the anabolic steroid nandralone.
Two years ago Shoaib and Asif were found guilty of taking the banned substance nandralone, but the PCB allowed bans to be quashed after appeal.
Rawalpindi Express Shoaib, the first man to break the 100mph barrier, and Asif face two-year bans after testing positive for performance-enhancing steroid nandralone.
I'll be discussing with the Club the procedure relating to the re-opening of inquiries,' he said, 'obviously I welcome the NGRC's announcement that it now accepts that metabolites of Nandralone could remain in a greyhound's system for 100 days, and I will be seeking a speedy review of trainers affected by this.
Rusedski has not won a singles match since he cleared his name for drug taking, despite having nandralone in his system, and it was the disintegration of his confidence which was the most worrying aspect of his defeat, though he pin-pointed his serve, once the most formidable weapon in tennis.
I don't want to say too much about those cases because it wouldn't be fair to judge those players concerned, but when you see that performance- enhancing substances like nandralone are involved it's disturbing.
Walker, aged 25, has protested his innocence since it was revealed last month that traces of the banned anabolic steroid, nandralone, were found in the Scot's urine samples.
The suggestion is that Walker may have injected a steroid called nandralone.
The European 200m champion was said to be ``absolutely devastated'' that two samples from an out-of-competition urine test in December had shown traces of a banned substance, believed to be the anabolic steroid nandralone.
Ferdinand, perhaps, can be excused feeling sorry for himself, asking if he has been harshly treated compared to Jaap Stam, given a five-month ban after testing positive for nandralone and Mark Bosnich, suspended for nine months for taking cocaine.