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a demon personifying death


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The story is founded by namtar and it is one of the eight national dramatic plays in the traditional musical drama of Tibet.
With regard to Milarepa's song biography, known as Milagurbum, (10) Alexander Fedotoff (2002a, 2003) clarifies that generally, namtars (11) in Tibetan religious literature can provide complete, but not the most reliable, information about the life of an individual, because they alternate between "the real and the surreal, and between the mystical and the mythical and true" (Fedotoff, 2002a:113).
This transformation, a disabling of the body, may be compared to the disguise of Namtar as a bald (and lame ?
To my darling Namtar, slave of a jealous and disapproving society, if I know anything, and my dear I do, you will have read the first page of my tale and opted to begin with my more congruous beginnings.
residing in Namtar, mostly regarding various commodities.
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