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the practice of casually mentioning important people in order to impress your listener

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As it does with registered trademark results, NameCheck presents users with unregistered trademark search results in an organized manner, ranked by potential risk level, which eliminates the noise of irrelevant results.
United Domains acquired the noteworthy and internationally recognizable domain name Namecheck.
With its expanded common law search functionality, NameCheck now includes music artist, album, song, video, TV episode and App content from Apple's iTunes.
ONE of the most popular figures in Irish racing gets a well-deserved namecheck with the running of two divisions of the Ken Whelan Hangs Up His Boots Handicap Chase at Thurles.
Yet here I am showing enough good grace to namecheck his band's gig in my humble little column.
One of their early low-fi efforts, Caught Redhanded, had the distinction of being among the last singles championed by John Peel, who included it in his final Record Box and gave the band a namecheck in his autobiography Margrave of The Marshes.
We don't usually mind since our colleagues on the nationals ore terribly nice and will often namecheck us in their articles to acknowledge the source.
IT'S easy when citing British dance outfits to namecheck The Prodigy, Underworld and The Chemical Brothers, but Groove Armada can punch their weight with the best of them.
Strong, melody-driven rock with great harmonies and lyrics that namecheck Gertrude Stein, among others, make this album by Scottish foursome Idlewild a delight.
NameCheck, TrademarkNow's trademark search product, provides high-quality, comprehensive search results in a matter of seconds.
But while it's unsurprising that Turing, still the most well-known of the codebreakers, gets a starring role, we shouldn't forget others like Colossus designer Tommy Flowers, who is relegated to a single, albeit important, namecheck.
While Namecheck and Black Snowflake are clearly talented individuals, Frozen Power has already been there and done it at this level.
Politicians can't just namecheck the Modec factory.
Send us YOUR tips to the address at the top of the page and we'll give you a namecheck in return.
NameCheck delivers comprehensive trademark search reports in seconds that reflect not only database searches, but analyzes of millions of existing trademarks and other relevant data for product similarity, how the word looks, how it sounds when pronounced, and word meaning in over 150 languages.