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the practice of casually mentioning important people in order to impress your listener

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Instead of accepting defeat, the Tsinoy operator went to see a Regional Director, again name dropping and saying: "I'm sure the LTO Chief has someone who does negotiations behind the scenes.
The Man That Got Away is a fascinating look at Arlen's beloved music, mixed with a good dose of name dropping, family drama, and nostalgia.
I was talking to the Queen - I'm name dropping now - and she told me about the restoration of the castle after the fire five years ago.
Name dropping and celebrity gossip sold, but it didn't win you much respect.
Antony Cotton blasted Ryan Thomas and Jack P Shepherd after they had a dig at him for constant name dropping.
This is not a big chatty, gossipy fashion bite, but there are some juicy tidbits and some name dropping of Talley's famous friends.
Dugan and his supporting cast members milk the daylights out of the play's litany of name dropping.
Shameless name dropping I know, but I lost 10lbs and got a lovely set of nails.
George peppers his novel with feisty and flavorful characters, along with a fair share of name dropping, which adds to the fun.
Sante Kimes also showed a propensity for embellishing the truth, name dropping and passing off a glass ring as a diamond, he said.