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Prevention of angiogenesis by naked DNA IL-12 gene transfer: angioprevention by immunogene therapy.
It was indicated that co-delivery of naked DNA E7+gp96 plasmid was immunologically more effective than E7 DNA and it could be an effective approach to induce E7-specific immune responses as a potential vaccine candidate for cervical cancer (55).
Cross linked plasmid DNA-gelatin nanospheres containing about 25-30% DNA were found to be more resistant to nuclease digestion than naked DNA and induced greater gene expression in mice after intramuscular injection (17).
In several cases naked DNA was employed successfully, but DNA-Liposome complexes or electroporation procedures have been also used (Spadafora).
As far as we know, naked DNA poses none of the risks associated with viral vectors.
But direct injection of naked DNA just doesn't work," she notes.
The first method used a catheter system to inject naked DNA for vascular endothelial growth factor directly into the myocardium of the left ventricle with a special catheter system.
Q: Are you using naked DNA to transport the new genes into the body, like that used at St.
Lee testified, "The naked DNA in the vaccine was probably stabilized through a chemical binding between the mineral aluminum and the phosphate backbone of the double-stranded DNA.
Vaccines currently under development include subunit vaccines (9), naked DNA vaccines (10,11), and attenuated mycobacteria, including recombinant BCGs expressing immunodominant antigens and cytokines (12).
For 2 decades, away from the noise of the latest ups and downs for viral vectors, chemists and materials scientists have been doggedly investigating and improving on other strategies such as using capsules that protect and guide DNA into cells and methods of introducing naked DNA.
The naked DNA or the adenoviruses are simply a means of getting any kind of gene expressed.
A: Naked DNA is simply a means of getting any kind of gene into the body.