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Ajumose (a politician's name) for collective responsibility; Naija (pidgin name for Nigeria) for affection/ disappointment and Kari go/Kari koamu (carry go/carry come) for continuity and discontinuity.
Tells Senate Committee," I Paid a Bribe Naija, 4 June 2013, wwww.
Naija Investment Gateway creates an enabling environment and sets a pathway for investors and venture capitalist to meet with and invest in prospective businesses in Nigeria.
There's an Indian girlfriend, Naija Patel, who forms the other half of a blossoming odd couple, a police officer friend who finds inside information for Nick's investigation, and fun reflections and colorful descriptions one normally doesn't anticipate from a murder mystery: "She looked at me a moment.
Consulate General personnel gathered in November in Lagos, Nigeria, to kick off the Naija Girls Got It project, which combines athletics and leadership skills to encourage girls to challenge harmful traditions that impede their physical and mental development.
Others to fail to win the investment were Akin-Ajayi from The Naija Food Company, who proposes to deliver African food to an increasing market, David Roberts from AppliCatalyst, a digital software company which aims to revolutionise the recruitment of students to universities and Glynn Barker of Independent Watch Group which makes wristwatches initially targeted at airline pilots.
Another level at which Nigerian Pidgin registers its way is the Nigerian music scene, particularly with the emerging Naija pop culture.
The Commission had participated in several post-election roundtables by the civil society organisations such as the one organised by Reclaim Naija and Election Situation Room on May 26 and June 1 respectively, as well as the one put together for CSOs by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa in Enugu on July 25 and 26.
The sequence of anatomical changes produced during rhizogenesis was very similar to that reported for in vitro rooting of other woody species such as apple (De Klerk 2002, Naija et al.
Tinu Naija, founder of the America Pole Fitness Association, said the moment when Kayne got up on stage was "beautiful".
In the 15 months since she has joined M-Net, Biola has spear-headed the brand-new Big Brother Revolution, alongside series such as Naija Sings, Comedy Club: Live in Lagos, Let's Dance and Tinsel.
The A-Frame Chapter hosted its annual General Membership Meeting and Christmas Party on 11 December at the Naija Ball Room in the Dragon Hill Lodge in Yongsan, Korea.
Moreover, Lohanda's spelling of proper names is very confusing; for example, is "Tjing's father was Nata Naija Wijaya" meant to be read as "Cing's father was Nata Naiya Wijaya", or "Tjing's father was Nata Naidja Widjaja'.
Dee-One questions why Nigerians are voting out the talented Big Brother Naija housemates, who 'have something to offer.