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the chief city in the Ryukyu Islands

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China Airlines Boeing 737-800 jet exploded shortly after arrival in Naha city from Taipei.
Naha city officials said there was a call for an ambulance from the airport for a 24-year-old Filipino who is believed to have had a cerebral stroke.
Our anger has been boiled to its peak," Takeshi Onaga, mayor of Naha city which is the prefectural capital, told the rally.
NAHA, Japan - The Naha city assembly in Okinawa unanimously adopted a resolution Tuesday protesting a U.
On Monday, Shigeaki Kinjo, a 78-year-old pastor from Tokashiki Island, appeared to testify in a closed session hearing held at the Naha branch of the Fukuoka High Court in Naha City at the request of the Osaka District Court, where the lawsuit is pending.
Richard Yada, executive officer; 835th Transportation Battalion; Naha City Mayor Takashi Onaga; and Hidenobu Goya, chairman, Naha Giant Tug-of-War Preservation Conunittee; view the rope Sept.
the storm was located roughly 220 kilometers south of Naha city, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, moving northwest at 15 km per hour, packing winds of up to 90 kph.
The Kadena town and Kunigami village assemblies were the last two local assemblies to approve the statement in a series of moves initiated by the Naha city assembly.
They (Army leaders) genuinely understand the situation in Okinawa and diligently persist in efforts aimed towards developing relationships with local Okinawan people and graciously support various community events sponsored by Naha City.
Some of the drawings will also be shown at the Naha city hall and another location.
Okinawa prefectural police said they have received no information of human casualties but received a report of water pipe having been ruptured in Naha city, the capital of Okinawa and Nishihara town.
In Okinawa, former Naha city assembly member Shimajiri, backed by the LDP and New Komeito, won against the opposition-backed Yoshimasa Karimata.
Keiichi Inamine and is an appropriate person for resolving various problems, not only for Naha City, but also for all of Okinawa Prefecture,'' Fukuda told a news conference Monday.
In Okinawa, former Naha city assembly member Aiko Shimajiri, 42, backed by the LDP and its ruling coalition ally, the New Komeito party, defeated Yoshimasa Karimata, 57, who was backed by the DPJ and other opposition parties.
Suzuyo Takazato, a member of the rape crisis center and Naha city assembly member, said it is necessary to set up a support system for rape victims.