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a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

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She added: "I want people to be aware of naevus marks so my daughter doesn't grow up thinking she is different.
Perhaps the most extraordinary is the naevus of Ota, wherein hyperpigmentation of the lids, sclera and iris is associated with a corresponding increase in pigmentation off the fundus.
Having a facial intradermal naevus removed is one of the most straightforward cosmetic procedures you can have and can bring an almost instant improvement," he adds.
Born with a skin condition called Congenital Melancytic Naevus (CMN), a dark brown birthmark which covered 80% of her body, she had had more than 30 operations by the age of 15.
Voodoo Shock consists of former Naevus members doing a true redux from that era.
Babies born with dark red marks such as port-wine stains and strawberry naevus, which can cover half the face, should receive laser surgery when they are six-months old.
A blue naevus of the prostate: a light microscopic study including an investigation ofS-100 protein positive cells in the normal and in the diseased gland.
1,2) A conjunctival naevus typically appears in the first decade of life as a solitary flat pigmented lesion.