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United States writer (born in Russia) (1899-1977)

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His Pigeon Feathers, a collection of short stories, lays bare his bold ingenuity and intense seriousness as a writer, and because he unflinchingly witnesses the troubled human condition and then describes what he sees with a wondering conscience, he sits shoulder to shoulder with Parker and Nabakov.
Igor Markevitch to Boulanger, February 12, 1962, NLa 83 (281), BN; and Nicolas Nabakov to Boulanger, ca.
Peter Nabakov and Robert Easton, Native American Architecture (New York: Oxford University Press, 1989), 340 (see the photo caption).
The others were Joseph Conrad, Vladimir Nabakov, and Jerzy Kosinski.
In the instances quoted above of Hollinghurst and Nabakov the problem solves itself.
6) In a compelling reminder of the silenced heritage of contemporary oral history, American anthropologist Peter Nabakov claims that Indigenous oral histories 'complement, contextualise, or provide reinterpretations for written constructions of shallower pasts'.
For example, in Lolita, while we do not identify Humbert Humbert with Nabakov, certain sentiments about American culture the narrator expresses may ostensibly be also attributed to the author.
But whereas Boym focuses on artists exiled from Russia and Eastern Europe (including Nabakov, Brodsky, Stravinsky, and Benjamin), Su takes a broad range of Caribbean, African American, Native American, Nigerian, and British writers.
Classic writer Vladimir Nabakov in the 1950s wrote Lolita, a book that sexualized a pre-teen girl and resulted in his work being banned.
Nabakov calls every great novel a fairy tale, Nafisi reports.
Three new additions to this "In 90 Minutes" series are BECKETT (1566635861), NABAKOV (156663590X) and D.
Did you know that Lewis Carroll, Ernest Hemingway and Vladimir Nabakov wrote standing up?
Acker lifts the veils Nabakov employs to clothe the "forbidden," the elaborate prose that makes Lolita "a book written in a difficult style, filled on every page with literary allusions, linguistic experiment and fits of idiosyncrasy" (Pritchett 312).
The event, centred around the life and works of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, took place at the legendary Chelsea Hotel, frequented in the past by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Edith Piaf, Bob Dylan, Woody Allen and Vladimir Nabakov.