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KIMK'de NAK lehine onemli kanitlar sunan diger buyuk calisma, Southwest Oncology Group'un (SWOG) 8710 calismasidir.
36) In a similar vein, perhaps Khun Phan simply wanted to acquire the powers also enjoyed by the nak leng living in the villages and the bandits who roamed the region at will.
Somdet To subdues Nak through the chanting and then explains to her in simple Thai that she must give up her attachment to Mak and this world.
An ion-exchange plant neutralises the caustic liquor coming from the NaK disposal plant and then passes it through two ion-exchange columns in a series designed to absorb the caesium content.
Nang Nak serves the need of Thai movie-goers to see a real Thai story.
The Ministry of Agriculture never [apportioned] the community forest land for anyone,' Nak said.
Korea is eager to contribute to the Kingdom's vision 2030, according to Oh Nak Young, the consul general of South Korea, who spoke on the occasion of the 4,349 National Foundation Day on Thursday at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Jeddah.
Potentially, nak 9 could be used to decontaminate highly radio-polluted water stored in Fukushima's nuclear reactor building, or to reduce the volume of the radio-polluted water.
IAF chief NAK Browne ( in pic) flew to Gauchar on Wednesday morning and asked air warriors taking part in ' Operation Rhat' to carry out the task with responsibility, undeterred by the tragic loss of lives.
As per column entitled Aik Sharam Nak Wakya that one Amjad Sajid alongwith his wife was going to sixth road for shopping.
As per column entitled "Aik Sharam Nak Wakya" that one Amjad Sajid alongwith his wife was going to sixth road for shopping.
AUSTIN A tiny Austin jeweler quickly learned the Nak for cozying up to celebrities.
The Oil Filled Transducer is an addition to the Alternate Fill family of transducers currently available, which includes the NaK filled and Push Rod style transducers.
An ex-employee of the Caithness nuclear reprocessing plant said NaK - an explosive combination of sodium and potassium - was shot into the sea through a hose.
Nak welcomed the chief guest, Adel Abdurrahman Bakhsh, deputy director general, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Makkah region) and director of protocol department, diplomats, elite guests, members of the community and journalists on the occasion.