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an intelligence agency in the United States Department of Defense that designs and builds and operates space reconnaissance systems to detect trouble spots worldwide and to monitor arms control agreements and environmental issues and to help plan military operations

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We spend 12 years in jail while you spend a few months and then get to sign an NRO and attain your freedom.
The 17-member bench also expressed dissatisfaction over a report of NAB on the steps taken for implementation of the NRO verdict, which had been submitted two days back.
The court also informed the AGP that it would appoint an amicus curie ('friend of court') for assistance as to how the bench should proceed for the implementation of the December 16, 2009, verdict, declaring the NRO ultra vires.
The NRO concept will require an upfront investment, but over time it will develop a series of space vehicles that will be much less costly to acquire, be easily modified with open architecture, and modular, he said.
Global situational awareness is a shared mission but one in which the NRO is a key contributor and partner.
The cradle-to-grave ethos of the NRO should be our model for developing space professionals who follow a capability from conception through employment.
Employing military and CIA personnel to operate much of our nation's satellite reconnaissance network, the NRO is located about four miles from Dulles.
They are B10 NRO, K10 ROW, J10 NRO, H10 NRO, N10 RFC, L10 NRO, N10 NRO, P10 RFC, N10 RFC, L10 ROW.
Nonetheless, Northrop Grumman's patrons in Congress, who have lined their pockets with PAC contributions from the B-2's corporate beneficiaries, shrewdly disclosed the existence of the NRO slush fund just as they were completing their final maneuvers to fund the B-2.
The NRO runs the government's spy satellite and electronic eavesdropping operations.
we will talk of only Qisas with the murderers on floor of the judiciary and nation will not accept any NRO with reference to looters and killers', he remarked.
Since the governments of India and Oman have a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, signed in 1997, until now, an NRO account holder had to pay only 10 per cent of tax for the interests earned by their deposits.
Taking a stern action, the apex court directed the government to implement NRO verdict.