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a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government

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Bellavita Chicago will co-locate with NRA Show 2016, commanding approximately 20,000 square feet of exhibit space in Lakeside Center, adjacent to NRA Show booth space and the World Culinary Showcase event area.
7-11, a solid majority of Americans (58%) say they have an overall favorable impression of the NRA.
Said James Debney, Smith & Wesson President and CEO, "Through its various programs, pro-gun reform legislation and grassroots efforts, the existence of the NRA is crucial to the preservation of the shooting sports and to the entire firearms industry.
Collection of non-tax revenues, among which penalties by other state bodies collected by the NRA, reached BGN 376 M, up by BGN 51 M from the 2013 target.
Designed to house most* semi-automatic handguns, the NRA Handgun Holster features a unique Quick Flip Locking Bale to lock the handgun in the holster.
LaPierre delivered an impassioned defense of the firearms that millions of Americans own, in a rare NRA news briefing after the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting in which a gunman killed his mother, and then 20 children and six adults at an elementary school.
He argued the issue for the court to determine was the proper construction of the relevant laws and the NRA wanted the matter heard urgently.
The NRA defended itself by claiming that it was acting in the best interest of its members by keeping itself exempt from the law.
Edwards is the third House Democrat to be endorsed by the NRA this election cycle.
Detractors immediately accused leaders of the 4 million member gun owner group of betraying their principles, their state affiliates, and all gunowners who support groups other than the NRA.
This does not necessarily mean that all of the 4814 taxpayers will be sanctioned, the NRA said, perhaps in a bid to assuage concerns that thousands of Bulgarians could end up paying substantial fines because they had not registered under the VAT act.
NRA Director Maher Hijazin told the Jordanian news agency PETRA that within two months the NRA is expected to reach two separate agreements with the Jordanian-British company Jordan Energy & Mining Ltd (JEML) and Estonia's energy company Eesti Energia.
We here at NRA HQ deeply appreciate your bold stand on behalf of the National Rifle Association of America.
Under the NRA, a new centralized revenue system fosters voluntary compliance, introduces improved tax collection and stricter state control, and has lower administrative costs.
Harvard researcher David Kennedy got the NRA's informal approval before starting the project, and it was officially and repeatedly praised by the NRA after it began achieving some beneficial results.