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a terrorist organization that is the militant wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines

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Regalado said the Quilanan brothers ignored the NPA warning for them to change their ways, and instead opted to become military agents.
On Monday, about 188 former NPA rebels and supporters from Mindanao arrived in Manila for their turn to break bread with President Dutertein Malacanang and top officers of the AFP some of whom they have crossed paths in their respective operations for ideology and territory.
NPA publishes daily bulletin which comprises of information of vessels at berth, vessels at the fairway buoy, and vessels expected to come in.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines reported that 326 NPA members surrendered to the military in January alone.
The government panel in May withdrew from the peace talks with the NDF, following the Communist Party of the Philippines's order to its armed wing, the NPA, to heighten offensives in the face of the martial-law declaration in Mindanao.
Regarding political killings, the NPA is working with other law enforcement agencies on the matter.
The country's armed forces alleged that NPA killed three soldiers in the southern Philippines last month.
The NPA Natural Standard is constantly reviewed and updated as new research becomes available and as more truly natural alternatives become readily available.
Repelled by the police unit, the NPAs, wearing military fatigues and using three vehicles, attacked a military detachment in nearby Doganpekong at 5am, Captain Rodriguez said, adding that no one died in the attack.
Commenting on this impressive achievement, an elated Ashok Suvarna, executive director of NPA Events said, "This is a great honour, not just for NPA Events, but for the Sultanate of Oman itself.
According to the company, several models of the NPA network processors are offered with combinations of 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet ports, at an aggregate throughput of 10Gb, with power dissipation ranging from 6 to 10W.
Global Banking News-24 April 2009-Yes Bank says current NPA levels manageable(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
I think other members of the NSWNA may be interested in joining The NPA.
The carrier has claimed that the pilot was penalised for wearing his uniform "to a non-work, NPA union-sponsored event in clear violation of the Flight Operations Manual and the collective bargaining agreement.
Several NPA officials have reportedly been suspended, some are facing criminal charges and others have resigned.