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negation of a word or group of words


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It uses 1 AND gate, 3 OR gates, 3 XOR gates and 1 NOT gate.
Do not gate onto a rib or into a long unobstructed flow path, as this may cause jetting.
The architecture means that the limiting factor on speed is power consumption, not gate delay, and Bailey argues that constrained logic areas will run much faster.
Like the vast majority of National League clubs, Ramblers rely on fund-raising and local generosity, not gate receipts alone, to keep the organisation on an even keel from week to week.
The processors at the heart of today' s computers are basically vast and intricate combinations of the NOT gate, with two other basic functions, "AND" and "OR" gates, which perform other computations.
As transistor feature sizes reach below 180nm, interconnect behavior, not gate behavior, dominates performance.
Whether or not Gates does return as CEO temporarily, it is clear that he is going to be the kingmaker for any permanent replacement for Ballmer.
He faces spirited opposition from his own party, but it is the other Republicans, not Gates, who are abandoning their party's best traditions in defense strategy.
London, May 2 (ANI): Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has described his bizarre working relationship with Chairman Bill Gates, and claims it was him, not Gates, who had visionary ideas for the company.
But now it was yellow police ribbon, not gates, which held them back.
The railings will contain the environment to be created but there will be nine gateways, not gates, which will invite the public into this welcoming environment.