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Each boat could carry a fighting team of seven fully-equipped riflemen plus a noncom officer and a crew of two.
Two tall army noncoms got out, grabbed my father, and took him into the lorry.
Most of us were young, either still in our teens or early 20s, except for the noncoms and officers.
A graduate of Troy State University, he is the first noncom elected to the AOC National Board of Directors.
In today's collection of radio notes, Envision is offering a holiday special for free, commercial/noncom hybrid is selling a Nebraska AM, a Cox Orlando Urban outlet is getting a makeover and a Liberal KS noncom is changing hands.
When we first meet Fisher, he's somehow managed to make his way toward noncom status despite his propensity for getting into fistfights with fellow crewmen.
In 1955 he was hired as a civilian by the Air Force at Edwards doing practically the same job he had been doing as a noncom.
Army tactical doctrine called for the rifle to be used as a single-shot unless the situation called for a high rate of massed firepower-which it was felt the five-round magazine was capable of providing- and then only under the direct order of a senior noncom or officer.
Although Ermey is back in his old, noncom role for the all-computer-animate d hit, he can be seen in two other widely acclaimed current releases, "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Dead Man Walking.
The massacre of the Filipino officers and noncoms of the 91st Division was apparently the only mass execution to take place in Bataan.
On the Continent handguns were often considered more as badges of rank and authority rather than actual fighting weapons and law enforcement agencies and armies generally restricted their issue to officers and high-ranking noncoms.
About the same time, the issue of handguns became more restrictive, with only officers and high-ranking noncoms authorized to carry them.
The agreement is said to provide the noncoms with a consistent royalty framework for all streamed audio.
51) Letter from Charles Spencer to author, March 4, 2013, remarking on how Colonel Fellows may have obtained the chintz spread: "I doubt that a colonel in command of a regiment would have had time, or inclination, to personally roam and forage in the plantation 'big houses' for booty, like the enlisted men and noncoms did.