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the compass point that is midway between north and northeast

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Our finding that breathiness, harshness, hoarseness, NNE, and S/Z ratio were all abnormal in asthma patients suggests to us that the lower airway does play a role in the phonation process as a producer of positive air pressure in the subglottic area.
The NNE must support naval operations across the full width and depth of the joint battlespace: from the seabed to air and space, from deep blue waters to operational objectives ashore, from a forward-deployed Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) and strike groups on the scene of a developing crisis, to reach-back centers in the United States.
This has helped the program build strong partnerships through the Maine Reentry Network, which includes the DOC, Maine Department of Labor, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Volunteers of America NNE, and numerous other state and professional community agencies.
The NNE MMRS/athenahealth team utilized 50 high school student volunteers acting as patients impacted by an emergency, who were then "treated" in area facilities for a wide range of medical conditions.
Both NNE and Pharmaplan operate in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries, and by joining forces they will become one of the world's leading companies in that particular field of engineering.
With more than 1,500 employees specialized in pharmaceutical engineering and subsidiaries and sales offices in 15 countries, NNE Pharmaplan will be able to offer an all-encompassing portfolio of consultancy and engineering services in all markets significant to the pharmaceutical industry, said Voigt, adding, "With global reach and a large, highly skilled resource pool we will be able to serve the multinational pharmaceutical companies on a worldwide basis and be a very strong candidate for executing large-scale pharmaceutical projects.
I am very excited to join NNE as the Vice President of Finance," said Sam Sommerville.
In order to do that, we need to achieve a true NNE, or Naval Networking Environment.
Nordic accepted transfer of the facility and its related systems and technologies from NNE.
NNE is a leading international supplier of facilities, consultancy and engineering services to the life science industry.
The NNE 2016 is the DON's vision for a highly secure and reliable enterprise providing ubiquitous access to data, services and applications from anywhere across all program and operational boundaries.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark, September 1 /PRNewswire/ -- NNE, a leading international provider of consulting and engineering services to the life science industry, acquires the US company Contamination Control Technologies, Inc.
The 14,000 square metre NovoSeven facility in Hillerod, Denmark, was designed and constructed as a fast-track project by the life science engineering company, NNE, for the healthcare company Novo Nordisk.
Northeast Natural Energy, LLC ("NNE"), a portfolio company of Metalmark Capital focused on natural gas opportunities in the Marcellus Shale ("Marcellus"), announced today that Chris Mullen, the former Director of Land, East and Corporate Attorney at Energy Corporation of America, has been named Vice President of Land for NNE.
It will be the naval component of the Global Information Grid, and it will serve as the foundation for the DON's future NNE.