nuclear magnetic resonance

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resonance of protons to radiation in a magnetic field

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Cavity resonator with improved magnetic field uniformity for high frequency operation and reduced dielectric heating in NMR imaging devices," U.
Subsequently, he built an NMR imaging scanner that he called the "Indomitable.
23) Interrogating differential crosslink and defect densities in elastomer compounds by NMR imaging.
An optional non-magnetic remote valve allows remote placement of the ventilator from a subject, making it possible to ventilate animals during NMR imaging.
Tastevin, Optically polarized helium-3 for NMR imaging in medicine, Physica Scripta T86, 46-50 (2000).
The subjects covered by this volume include: Light Scattering-- static laser light scattering, dynamic light scattering, methods of combining static and dynamic LLS; Neutron Scattering--experiments, theory of small-angle neutron scattering; Fluorescence Spectroscopy--introduction to fluorescence processes, application of the fluorescent probe method to polymer science; NMR Spectroscopy in Polymer Science-NMR parameters, spatial distance method, NMR imaging method; Mechanical Spectroscopy of Polymers--data analysis for mechanical spectroscopy, time-resolved mechanical spectroscopy, applications of the relaxation time spectrum; Polymer Hydrogel Phase Transitions--neutral hydrogels, polyelectrolyte hydrogels, polyampholyte hydrogels.
Bell maintains active joint ventures with colleagues in the biochemistry, radiology, and nuclear medicine Departments, providing the synthetic and (most of the) spectroscopic expertise in studies of NMR imaging reagents.