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the branch of information science that deals with natural language information

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She still says if it wasn't for the intervention of NLP, she wouldn't have got up the aisle.
Shelina Nazim, from Portugal, 35, first undertook NLP training for stress when she was managing a company and had developed a stomach ulcer.
She hasn't gotten a new job in HR yet, she said, but she expects to because the NLP "gave me new tools and initiative to become a leader.
NLP embraces brain/mind research (neuro), the study of language (linguistic), and psychotherapy (re-patterning, or re-programming).
NLP suggests using who, what or how questions to tease out the full story.
Fortunately, for our purposes as evaluators, project administrators made a concerted effort to contain the effect of the NLP within the selected LEAs, and no information about the NLP formally crossed LEA boundaries; schools outside the LEAs involved would not have been able to obtain a copy of the frame-work from the national center.
Enhancing communication and, hence, building rapport represents the most applicable aspect of NLP to investigators.
Other factors that will play a role in the rate of adoption and the staying power of NLP include:
By changing our thought patterns, NLP therapists claim to be able to unlock a new, more confident person from within a tangled network of neuroses.
Still, if one considers such alternatives as Bob Dole, Dan Rostenkowski and their particular status quo, the NLP begins to look wise and even practical.
and Dolbey Systems offer high-end NLP solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industry.
NLP are not coming to this issue with an open mind - they are retained by several housing developers and by Durham County Council to produce reports justifying large-scale housing developments in the statutory Green Belt around Durham City.
A study of NLP [TM] allows a person to learn to run his/her own mind and body, improve communications in all its forms, and model human excellence.