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an agency in the Technology Administration that makes measurements and sets standards as needed by industry or government programs

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The NIST listing reinforces Diversinet's commitment to providing mobile security solutions for the sensitive information and systems used by governments," said Nagy Moustafa, President and CEO of Diversinet Corp.
More information about the 2003 NIST Language Recognition Evaluation is available at www.
Recommendation: To improve the management of NIST interagency agreements and provide reasonable assurance that NIST is efficiently using its resources and complying with applicable fiscal laws, the Secretary of Commerce should direct the NIST Director to meet its responsibilities in ensuring the proper use of federal funds, (a) develop, implement, and communicate to its clients policies regarding reasonable time frames for beginning work on interagency agreements; (b) track and monitor the work start date for each agreement; and (c) monitor and report internally, and periodically inform federal clients about, the amount of time elapsed between when funds were advanced to it from client agencies and when it actually began billing against an agreement.
With further improvements since they submitted their new report, the NIST researchers have made a clock that's about 10 times as precise as the world's cesium standard, Bergquist says.
For more than 75 years NIST has maintained a force laboratory capable of disseminating force measurement standards to government, industry, and academic facilities through the calibration of force transducers that serve as transfer standards.
CygnaCom Solutions, a leader in information security testing and consulting, today announced that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has designated CygnaCom's Cryptographic Equipment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) as a NIST Personal Identification Verification Program (NPIVP) test facility.
NIST panel moderators briefed the attendees on relevant expertise available to the election community to improve public trust and confidence in voting systems.
By September 1997, NIST plans to have installed a new transmitter to increase the signal's power fourfold.
With 68 FIPS certifications for a variety of products and solutions, SafeNet now holds the most NIST certifications for FIPS cryptographic product validations in the industry.
11, 2003, NIST hosted a workshop at the Boulder, CO, campus of NIST on the thermophysical properties of the rocket propellant designated RP-1.
Last week, 25 Nobelists in physics and the presidents of 18 research societies petitioned Congress to preserve NIST as a "national treasure" and a "crucial component of the nation's long-term basic research.
According to NIST, the percent quantified impact is a measure that provides an indicator of CMTC's ability to provide services increasing sales and decreasing costs for their clients.
Recent work at NIST could lead to improvements in the capacitance calibration services at NIST by a factor of three or four.
Then last year, he and fellow engineers at NIST decided this robot crane might prove useful in fighting the oil fires that raged in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War.
National Security Agency (NSA) and NIST National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) evaluation and validation program; and