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This project with HIE-Bridge and Social Security demonstrates the value of electronic health records, HIEs and NHIN," said ApeniMED CEO John Fraser.
The ApeniMED NHIN Platform will transmit thousands of electronic medical records for the HIE member hospitals each year.
Concerned constituents point to the founding of the NHIN as proof that government's role is transforming from a single spoke of the healthcare wheel to that of the hub.
Nix of San Antonio Orthopaedic Group and the Orthopaedic Surgery Center of San Antonio says that she has seen "no incentive in dollar for the practice," to head in one NHIN direction or another, so the decision to contract with athenahealth for its EMR service was driven by "our own desires and our own needs, and by looking at what we want to achieve.
Practice managers are well aware of federal initiatives like standards consolidation, the NHIN and universal adoption of EMRs.
When the project is completed, the ApeniMED NHIN Platform will transmit thousands of electronic medical records for the hospitals each year.
Perhaps Carey and Eddy need a stronger familiarity with the NHIN, nationwide interoperability and the an-EMR-in-every-pot initiative.
Imagine having to create interfaces into every system that is generating digital data in order to integrate a healthcare organization's systems with the community requirements of the NHIN.
Much thought and discussion have been given to the handling of the actual patient data record, and what it should look like when sent over the NHIN.
This NHIN organization would offer services via a "managed services/subscription-based" model that the large system integrators and network service providers, such as AT&T, offer today.
Is there anything that is more on the lips of healthcare IT experts these days than the NHIN, EHRs and systems interoperability?
Instantly, the Grand Vision morphed into a realistic vision that is doable, affordable and installable in communities across America for considerably less than the estimated $150+ billion price tag of the NHIN.
In the months and years to come, the debate over the federal government's proposal to create the NHIN will undoubtedly heat up.
For the years of HIPAA-related ballyhoo we endured about patient privacy and security, and for the next 10 or 15 years of ballyhoo we will endure around interoperability, a data-sharing NHIN and patient privacy--can it be this easy for a government entity', or any entity, to confront and possibly breach public trust?