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NHIN 103: Architectures for Health Information Exchange and their Use, will be offered in April, and will be taught by Richard Kernan, NHIN Specification Lead (Contractor), ONC.
The NHIN will be a "network of networks," comprised of state and regional HIEs and other networks connected by a system of interoperability specifications for the secure exchange of healthcare information.
About ApeniMED ApeniMED, known for its industry-leading HIE platform and NHIN expertise, was founded in 2007 by experts in healthcare technology and specializes in health information exchange and federal agency connectivity using the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN).
The combination of PRISM and the NHIN platform provides immediate benefits for our customers by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs as they move away from paper-based processes," he added.
The ApeniMED NHIN Platform is installed at HIE-Bridge, allowing HIE member hospitals to transmit an electronic medical record summary file, known as a Continuity of Care Document (CCD), when Social Security electronically requests information to verify disability claims.
CHIC is one of 14 production Participants on the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN), utilizing the ApeniMED Platform for NHIN Exchange and Direct Project solutions and services, as well as core HIE technologies including clinical (CCD) interoperability and exchange.
It required the development of interoperability standards that, today, drive the industry toward a working NHIN in 2008.
Wellogic led in Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) implementation, was the first company to go live on the NHIN in early 2009 and is now implementing Direct, Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD) and other emerging technologies and protocols to allow for efficient and cost-effective sharing of information, well ahead of the market
The connection will enable IOD's customers to comply with Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) requests via NHIN and will replace the current paper or CD/DVD submission process.
In addition, Congress is scrambling to push through health spending bills designed to incentivize providers toward nationwide adoption of EMRs/EHRs, RHIOs and the NHIN.
CareAlign[TM] also features provider/patient portals, secure clinical communication, NHIN compliant interoperability, EHR-lite and population management tools.
NHIN is a set of standards, services and policies that allow Health Information Exchange (HIE) via the Internet.
The pilot sites will deliver significant data, trends and insights that could influence the final structures, communications methods and technologies of the RHIOs and even the NHIN.
In addition to the esMD Gateway pilot, MRO is considering becoming a Health Internet Service Provider (HISP), which will connect providers through the Direct Project (formerly known as NHIN Direct).