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The NGOs have not submitted the Utilization Certificate ( UC), original bills, vouchers, reports, photographs, in spite of reminders and show cause notices.
The donation collected by NGOs is being utilized where.
The founding members of the NGO Community Advisory Council are:
Through this alliance, Enset can now provide strong online identities to NGOs and non-profits around the world.
On Wednesday last week, South Sudan's parliament passed the NGOs bill, which, according to the office of the president, Salva Kiir, is intended "to regulate the NGOs, international and local.
ong domain bundle, OnGood is a suite of online services exclusively for NGOs and nonprofits to help strengthen their online presence, improve visibility, and better connect with supporters.
It added that it "threatens NGO staff with custodial sentences for administrative errors".
In a recent incident, the NGOs were instructed by the secretariat to avoid conducting press conferences if it was not mentioned in their annual action plans approved by the Secretariat.
I therefore focus here on structural constraints to NGO agency and influence, referring to the case of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which provided comparatively favorable conditions for NGO participation within the United Nations.
The fact that a respected NGO felt the need to clearly affirm that it has no intention of turning into a political party proves that Turkish political life has not yet been normalized.
He said though no compliant has yet been received regarding functioning of NGOs however the government would take action if any parliamentarian moves any complaint regarding a particular NGO.
Workshop demands 1% of federal budget for NGOs and independent media ARBIL/ Aswat al-Iraq: NGOs and media organs demanded late last night to allocate 1% of the national budget to NGO organizations and independent media organs, as well as issuing a law to enhance the role of civil society organization to guarantee their independence.
The BCNL reports a deterioration in NGO sustainability in 2011.
His meeting with NGO representatives was meant to warn them against continuing unauthorised activities and if they fail to abide by the directive, their offices will be shut down.
The request was then put forward to the NGO Committee on its meeting on 26th of April.