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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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So what should credit unions be doing about NFC right now?
Reacting to the coming business opportunities, Nokia has already launched six models of NFC smartphones worldwide so far this year, and recently announced its cooperation with Taiwan Mobile Corp.
Designed to make life much easier for the end-user, provisioning NFC will require the carrier to send sensitive and confidential information to the mobile subscriber's handset.
Except for one thing: none of those other NFC champs -- and dare we say no other NFL team, period -- has had the great fortune of being in as bad a division as the NFC West.
The NFC have the revenge factor in their favour after Atlanta's Super Bowl demise and they look to have a slight edge in terms of competitors who are up for a fight.
In addition to phones and point-of-sale devices, manufacturers are building NFC technology into video game consoles and medical tools.
KEOLABS' NFC Test BenchKEOLABS' validation solutions ease the challenges of “in-house” testing by providing complete, fully integrated hardware/software installations.
The software in the AS3911 development kit includes an NFC Controller Interface (NCI) stack, a standard-based modular firmware/software solution, operating from the hardware level up to the operating system.
Consider that the AFC's three prime Super Bowl contenders - New England, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis - are 8-0 against the NFC.
Each SIG leverages the Forum's alliance partnerships in that area, bringing together top experts, member companies, and NFC solutions developers to share the business and technical needs of their industry and to develop programs to support them.
Learn how NFC is used in real-world scenarios including mobile wallets, proximity marketing and integrating beacons and NFC - presented by experts creating and implementing NFC Solutions.
The ease of use, security and versatility of NFC have attracted many users to this technology.
SNEP allows application messages in NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) to be exchanged between devices.
Over the past four years, Raisonance has fielded hardware/software solutions used by component manufacturers and integrators in the conception of NFC devices and systems.
It became clear the NFC wore the pants in this relationship and delighted in letting its partner know it at every turn.