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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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Moreover, KEOLABS' Testing Laboratory offers testing services for NFC enabled phones and smart objects (smart cards, tags, etc.
The software in the AS3911 development kit includes an NFC Controller Interface (NCI) stack, a standard-based modular firmware/software solution, operating from the hardware level up to the operating system.
ROMs for i9100 will work, but need to be modified to show NFC settings, otherwise no NFC options will show)
Consider that the AFC's three prime Super Bowl contenders - New England, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis - are 8-0 against the NFC.
Each SIG leverages the Forum's alliance partnerships in that area, bringing together top experts, member companies, and NFC solutions developers to share the business and technical needs of their industry and to develop programs to support them.
This NFC Patent License Programme, fully managed by France Brevets and its affiliate NFC Technology LLC, offers NFC patents from both INSIDE Secure and Orange, as well as patents acquired by France Brevets and patents owned by NFC Technology LLC.
Agilent's T3111S NFC Conformance Test System is the only test tool approved for all NFC Forum required tests, including digital protocol, analog, LLCP and SNEP.
Raisonance currently provides a complete range of tools for interoperability verification and validation of NFC systems.
The NFC, on the other hand, is the heart-tugging story of Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre - thank goodness for the good hands of Arizona's Nathan Poole - and what else?
Under their liaison agreement, GCF and the NFC Forum will work together to: identify certification requirements impacting NFC-enabled 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) wireless devices embedding NFC and 3GPP technologies; develop processes and procedures to ensure the robustness, reliability, and transparency of NFC-enabled 3GPP wireless device certification; and deliver joint announcements and collaborative marketing programs.
It is reportedly, the second license signed by France Brevets and NFC Technology under their NFC licensing programme.
With this new approval from the NFC Forum, we are delighted that the T3111S has become the first integrated test system with validation in each area of NFC Forum conformance testing," said Joe DePond, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Mobile Broadband Operation.
SK Telecom is planning to introduce NFC on USIM in October 2011 for enterprise customers and will open NFC on USIM-related Application Programming Interface (API) to outside developers to support the development of more NFC-based services.
If the NFC East were an automobile, it would be a Ford Pinto.
Standardized Interface from NFC Forum Supports Devices from Mobile Phones to PCs