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NCES will provide Department of Defense (DoD) organizations ubiquitous access to reliable, decision-quality information through a net-based services infrastructure and applications to bridge real-time and near-real-time communities of interest (COI).
The NCES report finds that almost 50 percent of African-American students received mostly C or below grades, compared to a third of all college students.
ATG is currently assisting NCES by combining the capabilities developed for the Horizontal Fusion SOA into the NCES Early Capability Baseline that includes testing and operational environments.
The 2005 edition of The Condition of Education, a congressionally mandated NCES annual report, presents 40 indicators of the status and progress of education in the United States.
Also, NCES has updated its rural education site: http://nces.
The overarching goal of NCES is to make military capabilities leaner, more flexible and more responsive in the fight against terrorism.
The practices that are recommended in this guide do not, in some instances, meet the standards that would govern the collection and analysis of data by a federal statistical agency such as NCES.