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a soft grey ductile metallic element used in alloys

a Latin phrase (or its abbreviation) used to indicate that special attention should be paid to something

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Nexstim will be showcasing the new NBS 5 system at two events this month.
To be the inaugural winner of this award demonstrates that NBS is playing its part in achieving that strategy.
The method the authors have reported is effective and inexpensive, and the short duration of the protocol suits the needs of an NBS laboratory.
Founded in 1984, NBS provides a wide variety of voice, data, and Internet services to a diverse customer base that includes residential, small business, and large corporate clients.
However, the figure increased further in 2011 to Dh50 and it went up further to Dh77 billion in 2012," according to NBS.
I could go on and on, but one look at how NBS employees approach their jobs, and the tools the company has provided, with an absolute passion from the top on down to build perfect boards explains why we have been successful.
When Sergeant Major Gaskell returned to the UK, he was promoted and posted to Catterick, and offered a place on the day release scheme, with every second Friday off to visit NBS.
In response, Fuji has threatened to sever business ties with NBS if the radio station falls under Livedoor's control.
NBS is the largest building and loan association in north east England.
I hope I don't teach pure Vaganova," she says, meaning she's experimented like the rest of the NBS faculty.
I would also like to thank those people who support the NBS behind the scenes: the local collection session organisers, companies and volunteers who make valuable contributions to help the NBS fulfil its core purpose of saving and improving lives.
NBS, as the director is fond of calling it (this makes it sound more like an all-news network than an all-nude musical), was an act of desperation, put together by the leadership of a gay Hollywood theater company who found that audiences wouldn't go to see a gay show unless they knew there would be some gay or straight or alive and breathing flesh to look at.
Designed, built in 1950, and operated at NBS by engineers, scientists, and mathematicians, it was the first of three computers built at NBS.
Penny Richardson, from the NBS, said: "We are grateful to Airbus UK for the support they give the NBS by allowing their employees to attend donor sessions.
Like childhood immunizations, lead screening, and water testing, NBS is considered to be an essential public health service.