weapon of mass destruction

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a weapon that kills or injures civilian as well as military personnel (nuclear and chemical and biological weapons)

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6) Accordingly, the Joint Staff expanded its counterproliferation strategy to address DOD's responsibility to support the "lead federal agency" (7) responding to a domestic terrorist incident, as well as any long-term actions necessary to mitigate effects resulting from the use of NBC weapons in combat operations (e.
If we examine the changing nature of military operations over time and apply the same rigor to the evolution of NBC weapons, we might discover that the future threat is much more manageable than the so-called experts would have us believe.
In direct contrast to the Prime Minister's statements, the intelligence assessments about Iraq throughout the period of 2002-03 make no reference to any intention by Iraq to use NBC weapons outside its borders, either by the Iraqi armed forces or through the supply of such weapons to non-state actors.
The book's most problematic contribution is by David Kay, who recently resigned as head of the Iraq Survey Group searching for evidence of that country's pre-war NBC weapons programs.
While several rogue states are well on the road to acquiring NBC weapons and delivery technology, there is increasing concern that America's intelligence services--the nation's primary means of detecting emerging threats--may not be capable of providing early warning of new security dangers arising from such developments.
Among the reasons they cite for their concern is the increased number of non-state actors--terrorists, paramilitary guerrilla groups, cults, militias, organized crime syndicates, lone individuals--that are capable of acquiring NBC weapons either through theft or by building the weapons themselves.
The unique challenges NBC weapons pose for coalition warfare will affect the way the United States conducts war.
Soldiers need to know what an NBC manufacturing facility looks like, the methods of weaponizing agents, the foreign methods of marking NBC weapons, and the difference between a conventional artillery shell and a chemical artillery shell.
Although the Armed Forces may confront an enemy willing to use NBC weapons,
We know that in the 20th century NBC weapons were used in warfare.
The global proliferation of NBC weapons, their concentration in unstable regions vital to U.
Prior to 1991, NBC defense was an aspect of deterring superpowers from using NBC weapons and protecting military forces in the event that deterrence failed.
This leads to the postulate that the more limited the probability of detection--or stated differently, the easier it is to mask or hide an NBC weapons capability--the less "deterrence" is gained from traditional measures such as mandatory declarations, and intrusive challenge inspections.
The new priority is on nonproliferation of NBC weapons and missiles, building on the 1995 success in securing the indefinite extension of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).
TIM release hazards are typically much smaller in scope than the Cold War Era hazards posed by the massive NBC weapons attacks that were expected to strike the forces poised along the border of the former Iron Curtain.