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The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 destroyed the most important threat to NATO countries.
The UK has been at the heart of NATO since 1949 and contributed to numerous NATO missions, including the operation in Afghanistan, where the UK was the second biggest contributor to the ISAF forces.
The report wanted NATO to factor in Russia as a territorial threat on the basis of the recent events.
Peter Viggo Jakobsen (Royal Danish Defense College, Copenhagen), in his presentation under titled "Global NATO after Afghanistan" explained the concept of NATO and also highlighted NATO's role in Asia after Afghanistan.
Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani also confirmed to reporters in Islamabad on Thursday that President Zardari will attend the NATO summit.
The NATO Russia Council Military Representatives (NRC-MR) noted the NRC-MR Workplan for 2011 and endorsed the continuation of enhanced NATO-Russia military cooperation.
Allied Command Operations, led by SHAPE in Belgium, will continue to serve as the strategic command responsible for executing NATO operations.
In a rather poignant manner, Mearsheimer noted, "It is the Soviet threat that provides the glue that holds NATO together.
Because NATO is the bedrock of transatlantic peace and security.
After the Bosnian war, he recognized that he had to persuade the NATO allies to join in action in Kosovo from the very beginning.
NATO is currently moving toward its largest expansion ever, bringing between four and seven new members into its ranks.
Blight, and Waging Modern War, by former NATO supreme commander Gen.
A murmur of voices foretelling Russia's eventual integration with Europe, including accession to the European Union and membership in NATO, is suddenly gaining volume.
The target audience includes NATO members and movie studio executives.