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an independent agency of the United States government responsible for aviation and spaceflight

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NASA issued an updated request for proposals to two contractor teams, one led by Northrop Grumman and the other by Lockheed Martin, for the development of the crew exploration vehicle, referred to as the CEV.
NASA recently awarded SpaceX, in partnership with Rocketplane, a $500 million prize to build a vehicle that will deliver crew and cargo to the International Space Station by 2010.
The size of the ground crew points up a key difference between the Air Force and NASA life-support operations, Sokolik said.
The highly selective application process is designed to make sure enrolled companies have realistic needs and the right NASA resources available to help them.
His little cylindrical box was not as sexy as some of the more high-tech gizmos NASA is known for producing, but his story kept us riveted, laughing, listening, and cheering him on.
As part of a NORCAT development team, Richard has helped build various prototypes of a lightweight electric drill, known as the CanaDrill, which could be part of Canada's contribution to future NASA missions.
However, several months later, NASA and USA took a second look into the idea of newly cast shoes.
In communications to employees, NASA leaders have emphasized that the BST-led culture change effort will be the integration point for all other organizational culture efforts related to the CAIB recommendations, including OneNASA, Return-to-Flight, and the Diaz Implementation.
But the report doesn't address, and NASA officials still aren't confronting, whether human space flight should continue and, if it does, what its destinations should be, he adds.
NASA scientists have outfitted the new spacecraft (also called space probes) with powerful communications systems, and flight engineers have refined navigational techniques.
asks Horst Poehler, a scientist who worked for NASA contractors at the Kennedy Space Center for twenty-two years.
Alex Rolland is one of many people struck by the similarity of the events, the similarity of the proposed rockets, and the similarity of the ends NASA says it will achieve.
NASA has produced a video program that showcases the work Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.
NASA Dryden's education office is celebrating the center's 60th anniversary with a poster and essay contest.
Late in 2003, ME Global's research helped prompt NASA to overturn the refurbishment program and charter USA (NASA's largest contractor, which is responsible for the shuttle ground transport systems including the two transporters) to immediately start procurement processes to outfit both transporters with new shoes.