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Synonyms for nasal

a consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed

Related Words

an elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose

of or in or relating to the nose


sounding as if the nose were pinched

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These innovative devices virtualize file systems from heterogeneous file servers and NAS devices, and introduce intelligent storage management policies to optimize resource utilization, performance and scalability.
Furthermore, Compaq has now linked NAS and SAN to provide ubiquitous storage access.
Our value-driven, Windows-based NAS solutions demonstrate that commitment, with market-leading features that combine to provide the ultimate answer to our customers' next-generation storage challenges.
The NAS box receives an NFS or CIFS request over a network and has an internal processor which translates that request to the proper storage command in ATA or SATA, to access the appropriate storage device.
In addition, customers can reconfigure earlier generation Hitachi Freedom storage systems as NAS file servers, thus lengthening the useful life of these products and getting a higher return on investment.
Infrastructure-wide file views: As NAS file serving complexity increases, users seek to have a centralized representation of their files and assets at the enterprise and departmental level.
VA Linux is bringing the power of Open Source software--reliability, innovation and reduced costs--to the NAS market," said Ali Jenab, senior vice president and general manager of VA Linux's Systems Division.
The advanced functionality of Wasabi's latest offering makes it possible for a single company to supply both NAS and IP-SAN storage building blocks.
BlueArc has recognized these scalability and performance limitations of traditional CPU-based NAS offerings, and architected a solution that delivers the ease of management commonly associated with NAS with unparalleled performance and scalability.
The most successful installations use fast networks and sophisticated NAS clusters from vendors like EMC and NetApp (though unlike NetApp, EMC does not push NAS for hosting Exchange databases).
As consumers accumulate digital multimedia content, the market for NAS servers in the home is growing rapidly, according to research firm IDC.
NAS vendors typically claim that their devices are optimized for file serving.
The Compellent/ONStor partnership unites the benefits of both block and file storage to deliver unlimited SAN capacity and NAS performance via a highly scalable architecture that easily expands with the addition of storage controllers, disk enclosures and NAS gateways.
The NAS 1000s is a turnkey, multi-protocol file-serving solution that enables departments, remote offices and SMBs to manage and grow their businesses without storage limitations.