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the independent agency that oversees management of federal government records including presidential libraries and historic collections

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The meeting reviewed the report of the activities and achievements of NARA in 2013, which enjoyed development in work aspects, in particular for conferences, research, oral history and the electronic storage.
NARA disputed GAO's assessment of ERA's timeline and costs.
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NARA archivists will use the MLR to locate and track the physical movement of textual holdings in its two primary locations--buildings in Washington, D.
NARA is working on a third major application, its library system.
3379, Headquarters, Office of the Assistant Commissioner, TN, RG 105, NARA [A-6108 FSSP].
Address how NARA and agencies should handle credible allegations of unlawful or accidental removal, defacing, altering, or destroying records
6 Preservation needs- The report states NARA is finding it difficult to address the ever-increasing backlog of records that need to be preserved.
According to her testimony, a history of delays with the ERA project, a tight schedule, and negotiations between NARA and Lockheed on the system's specifics and scope of work translate into uncertainty over whether the EOP system will be completed in time.
The measure includes more than $283 million for basic operating expenses, $38 million for work on the Electronic Records Archives (ERA), more than $9 million for repairs and renovations at NARA facilities, and $7.
Today, the majority of government records are electronic, and the challenges of preserving and accessing these records do not allow NARA to easily see the paths to take to meet these challenges.
Weinstein indicated that the funding request would allow NARA to test the new system.
NARA also recommends performing a risk mitigation to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and usefulness of agency information on their Web sites.
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): Speaking as the CIO of a small federal agency whose work processes are still primarily paper-based, NARA is taking a deliberate approach to managing electronic records, testing records management application (RMA) technology through a series of pilots that will implement the software in diverse environments throughout the agency.
The committee report calls for e-archives funds to be suspended for while NARA addresses management problems raised in an August report released by the General Accounting Office (GAO).