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a logic gate that produces an output that is the inverse of the output of an AND gate


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Right now, the smart money seems to be on a tweaked controller architecture and the use of SLC NAND (single-level cell).
The Ultimate SU800 provides users with the benefit of more consistent performance across different capacities, another plus of 3D NAND technology.
Micron works closely with chipset partners and customers within the ecosystem to design tomorrow's products that meet the complex NAND requirements fueled by IoT and automotive," said Aravind Ramamoorthy, product line director of NAND flash for Micron's Embedded Business Unit.
Technavio predicts that the global mobile NAND flash market will grow at a CAGR of 15% and 21.
7 billion in 2017, while its NAND flash portion will continue to rapidly increase to reach a more than 50 percent share or about US$44.
Toshiba said it was making an adjustment in production of NAND flash memory at its Yokkaichi Operation plant in Mie Prefecture, Japan.
Toshiba's BENAND removes the burden of ECC from the host processor while minimizing protocol changes and allowing host processors to support leading-edge process NAND flash memory in a timely manner.
Toshiba is another chipmaker stepping up development projects of NAND Flash chips, having set aside three analog-chip factories for the development of NAND Flash chips.
Apple has contributed greatly to the growth of the NAND business in recent years," Dee Nguyen, memory analyst at IHS.
Furthermore, NAND has also developed technology and know-how in the area of making structured particles using base nano-materials (e.
3 specification with its EZ-NAND protocol provides the ultimate win-win scenario," said Kevin Kilbuck, chair of the ONFI marketing committee and director of strategic NAND marketing for Micron.
Provider of advanced semiconductor technology solutions Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Korea:005930) announced today that it commenced the industry's first volume production of 3-bit, multi-level-cell (MLC) NAND flash chips using 30-nanometer (nm)-class process technology at the end of November 2009.
Customers now have access to high-quality IP that enables them to quickly deploy Toggle-mode DDR NAND memory in their product designs, and maximize the benefits of its high-performance and low power features," said Robert Pierce, senior director of NAND Flash IP at Denali Software.
Worldwide Computer Products News-30 April 2007-Samsung announces mass production of 16GB NAND flash(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Boise, Idaho, a provider of advanced memory and image sensor solutions, introduced a new managed NAND flash technology for feature-rich mobile handsets and other portable devices.