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a coenzyme similar to NAD and present in most living cells but serves as a reductant in different metabolic processes

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The electron released from water is transported to NADP to produce NADPH.
We were told at the BCCI annual general body meeting [ on September 27] that a meeting of the NADP will be held within 10 days.
The NADP took these scenarios into account by asking consumers in small group dental plans what they would do if the plans were eliminated.
The choice is to have dental benefits now and to focus on prevention and to get people to the dentist, or to pay for the complications of dental disease later on," says Evelyn Ireland, NADP executive director.
The S9 fraction was enhanced by addition of 5 mM of NADP and 10 mM of glucose-6-phosphate just before use.
At one point, NADP - which represents dental plans, not practitioners - formed a spin-off subsidiary for dentists in managed care.
Another enzyme, a hydrogenase isolated from bacteria found in a deep-sea hydrothermal vent, then releases the hydrogen from NADPH, generating hydrogen gas and enabling NADP to repeat the cycle.
Tenders are invited for Creation of watersource for the Government Coconut seed farm in Kovilpatty village Near Vaigai dam in Andipatti taluk Theni District under NADP
UKAD also said it suspended Hughie Fury, Tyson Fury's cousin, and that he too would have his case heard by the NADP.
Gibson, NADP director and an ecologist at Colorado State University in Ft.
The NADP continues to serve as today's largest non-profit association that focuses solely on dental benefits.