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a council consisting of permanent representatives of all the member countries of NATO

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According to Roland Frayne, NAC board member, Thunder Bay came very close to losing this facility.
Other programs at NAC, such as a children's camp, school group visits to the climbing wall and seminars on river safety all show a similar commitment on Findlay's behalf to the people who live in and around Niseko.
Importantly, NAC has focussed on debt reduction during the last two years and has decreased its deficit.
It has become increasingly clear that the once-widespread impression that NAC is not orally bioavailable is incorrect.
To study the effects of NAC on MCE-induced MT and MF changes, we pretreated the cells with 10 mM NAC for 6 hr and washed them once with Hepes buffer.
The note was transferable and enforceable by third parties and NAC could borrow against it.
The Ninth Circuit agreed that it "cost" Peracchi nothing to make a note to NAC so long as he remained in control of the corporation.
NAC, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, is vehemently "pro-choice," that is, pro-abortion, pro-lesbian, pro-suicide, pro-whatever-lifestyle-one-chooses.
We're pretty well-informed, but if we believe what we see in the papers, NAC is tottering on the edge of internal strife, complete loss of credibility and financial ruin.
The Federal Reserve's principal contributions to the NAC process over time have been its ability to assess objectively the financial and economic soundness of proposals brought before the NAC and to share this expertise with other member agencies.
After a year of operation, the founding father communities invited Sachigo Lake and Sandy Lake First Nations to join the NAC 2000 business partnership, rounding out the current ownership makeup.
NAC has most strongly resisted these changes and is so being punished.
In the following year the same college organization invited Judy Rebick, former Morgentaler spokeswoman and then president of NAC, the anti-life and anti-Catholic National Action Committee on the Status of Women.