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a council consisting of permanent representatives of all the member countries of NATO

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NAC vendors can be lauded for improving the fundamentals of traditional aspects of NAC platforms.
One of the key metrics that Current Analysis captures in its NAC Enterprise Demand Survey is the ability of vendors to retain customers.
Recently, the Ontario government has offered guaranteed loans to NAC to help move the project forward.
NAC is not an antiviral, and probably not an immune modulator either.
In contrast, when cells were pretreated with NAC for 6 hr, the lost and aggregated MTs caused by MCE were significantly protected (Figure 3I).
If NAC filed for bankruptcy, its creditors could enforce the note as an unliquidated asset of NAC.
Peracchi's obligation on the note was not conditioned on NAC remaining solvent.
Again, in 1993, NAC supported the Report on Women (Status of Women Council) with its anti-Christian and anti-religious resolutions, a fact glossed over at the time by CCCB staff in their response to the Report (see "Catholics and the Panel on Violence," C.
In light of this specialized focus of the Federal Reserve in NAC deliberations, for those proposals that involve major considerations other than economic and financial issues in which the Federal Reserve has special expertise (for example, when foreign policy or human rights issues are of overriding importance), the practice of the Federal Reserve in NAC deliberations is not to take a position on these matters and to abstain in the formal NAC decision making process.
However, NAC products have improved and are quickly gaining a reputation as an indispensable solution to top IT challenges.
Even the pilots had to multi-task in the early goings, selling tickets, handling luggage and dispatching aircraft for eight months as NAC set up their service counter in Sioux Lookout.
In the following year the same college organization invited Judy Rebick, former Morgentaler spokeswoman and then president of NAC, the anti-life and anti-Catholic National Action Committee on the Status of Women.
PITTSBURGH -- Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX), an industry-leading provider of voice communications, data infrastructure, and product solutions, announced today its entry into the NAC market with the introduction of the Veri-NAC([TM]) network access control appliance family.